Like all other professional courses, when it comes to deciding which animation institute to join, one of the deciding factors is course fees. Some institutes charge exorbitant fees while some will have reasonable rates which adds to the confusion as to what to expect from these institutes. If you go for a cheap fee course, you may find that the course leaves many things unfinished like inadequate hands-on training with the various animation technologies and in turn, it will leave you inadequately educated in your career.

Again, most of the time people complain that the courses do not provide enough of opportunities and exposure as per the course fees which are taken in the promise of delivering cutting edge training and exposure of the best technologies in the animation industry.

Thus, while deciding an institute to enroll in for animation course, look at the fee structure and how the charges are designed about the course. Institutes which give a detailed break up of the course fees as per the features enclosed is better than courses which advertise a bulky fee without any explanation as to how they have arrived at such a figure.

Animation Course Fees Nowadays, in the competitive market, animation courses cannot design course fees without keeping in mind the markets rates of similar courses and the technologies involved. Since animation courses are technology intensive, a certain level of fees will be charged by all institutes. The varying factors will be the brand name of the institute, the type of faculty they employ and how connected they are with the animation film industry, thus ensuring job opportunities to those passing out of the institute.

For instance, Bhavan’s Academy of Animation and Multimedia charges around a lakh for a one year diploma course in animation. Usually, course fees for a year long course in animation, graphic design or multimedia costs anywhere around 50000 to two lakhs. Animation institute like Arena has several programs on offer in the area of animation, from a three year graduation course in animation to professional, advanced as well as international courses. These course fees range from 50000 to three lakhs on an average.

Thus, the choices are numerous when it comes to choosing multimedia or animation courses. The courses themselves come in a variety of combinations – from a graduate course in animation, to diploma courses which combine animation and visual effects, graphic design as part of animation, 3D or 2D animation and so forth. Accordingly, the duration of the courses vary and so do the fee structure. However, when deciding on an institute to enroll into, you should be aware of what you want out of the course, whether you want to begin a career in animation in which case a graduate degree is required; or whether you want to supplement your existing profession with a diploma in animation and related fields. Accordingly, choose the institute which has a good brand image in the said field and be sure to consider your investments versus potential returns in the future before deciding the institute to enroll into.

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