Animation Institute, Colleges, Academy in New Delhi


New Delhi being the capital city of the country, it is the seat of learning as well as the political, economic and international centre of affairs for the country. Since olden times, Delhi has been the capital of many of the ruling empires in historical India. Given it’s rich historical heritage and culture, it is small wonder that it is an important hub for all academic and professional courses and people come from all over the country to further their careers.

In the bygone days, streams like administrative courses along with medical or engineering courses took all the importance and students used to flock to Delhi to take part in the competitive exams or sit for entrances to the esteemed universities and colleges to be found in and around the city. Nowadays, more modern courses have been added to the same – courses such as animation and multimedia are gaining importance and popularity as the related media industries are growing and so is the need for skilled manpower.

Animation Institute, Colleges, Academy in New Delhi Amongst the various animation institutes to be found in the city, Arena Animation finds it’s presence here through several centers. A part of the Aptech training solutions provider, this animation and multimedia education institute has been one of the pioneers in this field. This institute has both graduation and tailor made courses for specific animation technologies and has churned out over two lakh professionals till date.

Pran’s Media Institute is located in Noida, close to Delhi which offers courses in animation besides other related courses in media and film making. Courses in mass communication, jockeying, anchoring and other related professions in the field of media are some of the modern day courses to be found here.

Gecko Animation Studio & Academy of Digital Arts is a New Delhi based animation institute. This institute specializes in providing professional courses in animation, film making, visual effects and others. Participation in live projects, industrial exposure and placement assistance are some of the strengths of this institute.

School of Art & Animation (SAA) stresses on the creative aspects of animation and also includes courses in fine arts, web design, multimedia and others.

In keeping with the modern vocations, South Delhi Polytechnic for Women is one of the oldest colleges for women which has introduced animation in it’s curriculum.

Besides these institutes, Animaster, Caba Innovatives, Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT) are amongst the several other academies which provide courses in animation along with other courses in related fields of multimedia and film making.

Animation Course Fees


Like all other professional courses, when it comes to deciding which animation institute to join, one of the deciding factors is course fees. Some institutes charge exorbitant fees while some will have reasonable rates which adds to the confusion as to what to expect from these institutes. If you go for a cheap fee course, you may find that the course leaves many things unfinished like inadequate hands-on training with the various animation technologies and in turn, it will leave you inadequately educated in your career.

Again, most of the time people complain that the courses do not provide enough of opportunities and exposure as per the course fees which are taken in the promise of delivering cutting edge training and exposure of the best technologies in the animation industry.

Thus, while deciding an institute to enroll in for animation course, look at the fee structure and how the charges are designed about the course. Institutes which give a detailed break up of the course fees as per the features enclosed is better than courses which advertise a bulky fee without any explanation as to how they have arrived at such a figure.

Animation Course Fees Nowadays, in the competitive market, animation courses cannot design course fees without keeping in mind the markets rates of similar courses and the technologies involved. Since animation courses are technology intensive, a certain level of fees will be charged by all institutes. The varying factors will be the brand name of the institute, the type of faculty they employ and how connected they are with the animation film industry, thus ensuring job opportunities to those passing out of the institute.

For instance, Bhavan’s Academy of Animation and Multimedia charges around a lakh for a one year diploma course in animation. Usually, course fees for a year long course in animation, graphic design or multimedia costs anywhere around 50000 to two lakhs. Animation institute like Arena has several programs on offer in the area of animation, from a three year graduation course in animation to professional, advanced as well as international courses. These course fees range from 50000 to three lakhs on an average.

Thus, the choices are numerous when it comes to choosing multimedia or animation courses. The courses themselves come in a variety of combinations – from a graduate course in animation, to diploma courses which combine animation and visual effects, graphic design as part of animation, 3D or 2D animation and so forth. Accordingly, the duration of the courses vary and so do the fee structure. However, when deciding on an institute to enroll into, you should be aware of what you want out of the course, whether you want to begin a career in animation in which case a graduate degree is required; or whether you want to supplement your existing profession with a diploma in animation and related fields. Accordingly, choose the institute which has a good brand image in the said field and be sure to consider your investments versus potential returns in the future before deciding the institute to enroll into.

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Choosing an Animation Institute


Animation has become a popular career choice for many over the last few decades. As animation movies are on the rise and with the advancement of technologies, this is a field that combines both art, creativity and cutting edge technology in the form of computer graphics and more.

However, before you go about choosing an animation institute to enroll into, first be sure that this is what you want. A classic course in animation would involve illustrations, photography, sculpture – basically, an eye as well as talent for art; combined with that, you need to understand film making and software techniques which aid animation nowadays. You also need to keep in mind that this industry has become very competitive out there; just like actors seeking a foot hold in the acting industry, you would be one of those several talented animated story tellers out there, trying to either get a break in the technical direction department of animation industry or as a creative person who makes animation.

Choosing an Animation Institute Once you have the complete know how as to what it takes to be in the animation industry and it still enthuses you greatly, do not make such a lifetime career choice and then enroll in a crash course animation program for a few weeks duration. Such programs only focus on teaching you a software, usually the latest being used in the industry, and you would learn the ropes of animation movie making incompletely by such a technique. For a career in animation, you need to give yourself time and exposure to learn the trade thoroughly before you embark on a job seeking venture of the same.

The first thing to do is to choose a reputable school in the line of animation. When you find yourself in a school which has become known for it’s animation courses, your work is half done in the way of establishing yourself in the industry. Since institutes and the industry are closely related, by admitting yourself in a school of repute in animation, you have already earned yourself higher chances of getting recruited into the industry.

A good animation institute usually covers all the essential aspects of the trade and they will start from the very beginning. Know that the original animations were hand drawn and many of the computer generated animations that we see nowadays, also create the age old “cel” technique which gives the impression of hand drawn animations. Thus, illustrations will always be the backbone of animation and a good course will start from the basics. From illustrations to an understanding of colours and tones, artistic bent of mind is needed to do well in this industry. Not only hand drawings, sculptures such as clay modeling has also been used in animation in the past and hence, it is an important study in this field. Then comes photography and film making of animation; and finally, the latest techniques which have replaced all traditional methods, the computer programs.

Thus, a good animation institute will provide you exposure in all these aspects so that traditional and modern technology know-how is well built inside the animators of today.

Flash Animation


So what is flash animation? Flash animation is a type of computer generated software which is used to create flashing effects and with the use of animated storyboards, flash animation can be created.

Animation, as we know it, consists of showing stationery images in a rapid sequence so that, by creating an optical illusion, the illusion of movement is created. Animation as an art and as a form of motion picture has it’s beginnings in the early 20th century. The initial ways of making an animated film consisted of hand drawing on a frame which were then transferred to a transparent acetate frame called cel. Thus came into being cel animation which remained the most popular animation methods till the early part of the 21st century wherein computer graphics came into play. With the advent of computers and the computer generated graphics, it was seen as another way of creating images and even animated ones. Since, then several software have been developed which have led the world from the world of 2D animation, to the world of 3D animation, based on the same 2D illustrations or graphics.

Flash Animation One such software feature which is used in animation is the flash. Named after the pioneer software which launched this technology, Adobe Flash, there are nowadays various other flash software which can produce similar files and effects. Flash animation or short, animated films are made using Adobe flash or similar software which create flash like animated images and visual effects. This type of animation usually comes in the file format of .swf files. Flash animation became popular during the late 1990s when the low bandwidth of internet allowed flash images to be one of the easier image and animated files to load on a web page. Animators thus started using flash animation in which they could package visual and sound effects all under a file size of 1 MB.

However, with the advancement of animated software, flash files came to be regarded as crude and lacking in sophistication. Still, many web advertisements as well as commercials on television are designed with this software and hence it still has it’s uses amongst other software in the animated market today.

Flash animation used in the World Wide Web are termed as internet cartoons or webtoons which are simple, easy to design animations and are usually used as web banners on a web page. These simple files are easy to design and are even included in the school curriculum in U.K.

If you look at where it all began, Macromedia created the software Flash which was later on acquired, along with other Macromedia’s software, by the software giant Adobe in the year 2005. The latest version of this software is Adobe Flash CS5. The first Flash user in animated movie making for the web was done by John Kricfalusi, who is the creator of the Ren&Stimpy show. He went on to produce various cartoon web series along with other animators who popularized the use of this software.

Animation Institute, Colleges, Academy in Nagpur


Nagpur is a growing city located in the heart of the Indian sub continent. It is geographically the centre of the country since it is where the Zero Mile Marker lies. Though located in the state of Maharashtra, this city, due to its close proximity to the states of Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, is an important commercial and trading hub. Well connected by railways and roads, this city is on it’s way to becoming a bustling urban city of modern India. Though lagging behind in development compared to Pune and Mumbai, this city is on it’s way to becoming a developed city in the state of Maharashtra.

Given it’s growing industrialization, it is expected to see a surge of growth in academic and professional courses. Professional courses such as animation are fast catching up here; many private institutes which have branches in other cities have opened up in this city as well to provide career opportunities to aspiring students who want to pursue careers in the growing animation industry in the country.

Animation Institute, Colleges, Academy in Nagpur Toonz Animation Academy is one such institute in Nagpur. It provides several courses in animation and multimedia technologies. A 5 months full time certificate course in 3D graphics is a popular course in this centre; other courses include certificate programs in VFX, digital arts and animation.

WLC college, which is known for it’s affiliation to the Wigan and Leigh UK University, offers various courses in creative arts through it’s various centres in India. One such course in the undergraduate course in advertising and graphics design which is also found in it’s centre in Nagpur.

There are several colleges in the city and many offer animation and multimedia courses. One such college is Shri Binzani City College in Nagpur which offers an advanced diploma course in multimedia and web designing. Those who graduate in related fields can take this up at the post graduate level to further their careers.

JGFX ANIMATION WORLD in Nagpur focuses on animation film making. One of a kind in the city of Nagpur, this institute attracts students who wish to pursue their careers in the growing animation film making industry in the country.

Arena Animation is another institute which has one of the widest chain of branches all over the country. It also has more than one branch in Nagpur. One of the comprehensive courses offered here is the graduation level course in multimedia and animation; besides this, there are other diploma and certificate courses in the related fields.


Animation Institute, Colleges, Academy in Trivandrum


Trivandrum was the former popular name of Thiruvananthapuram which is the capital city of the state of Kerala. This city is located at the extreme southern tip of the country and is known as an evergreen city. Low coastal hills and populated alleys of the city makes it a quant yet bustling city of South India.

Kerala has one of the highest rates of educated masses in the country and hence it should come as no surpirse that Trivandrum has it’s share of a number of universities and colleges as well as private institutions dedicated in various fields of science and technology as well as arts.

When it comes to prospects of higher education, this city does not lag behind others of comparable size. Though it is much smaller in dimension and economic activity as compared to the larger metropolises in the country, this city has it’s share of institutions for imparting higher education in various streams. Animation, though it is a modern day profession, finds several courses here being offered for those interested in pursuing careers in related fields.

Animation Institute, Colleges, Academy in Trivandrum Toonz Academy is the pioneering institute which brought the world of animation to this city. The training wing of the Toonz Animation studio, this institute was established in 2002 with its first centre opening in 2003 in Trivandrum. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Toonz Entertainment Pte Ltd Singapore, the parent company of the Toonz Group. It also has a tie up with WEBEL in West Bengal and has plans to expand through various centres in other parts of the country. The main program offered in this institute is the 12 month full time advanced diploma course in animation besides which there are various short term courses in animation and visual effects.

Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT) is another institute in Trivandrum which offers various courses related to animation. Mostly post graduate diploma courses, one can find programs for animation film design and multimedia design in this institute.

Arena Animation also has it’s centre in this city. The animation and multimedia branch of Aptech, one of the pioneering IT training service providers in the country, this institute has several courses related to animation and multimedia in it’s bouquet of offerings. From graduate level courses to professional or advanced level diploma courses, various animation and multimedia related courses can be found in Arena Animation.

Other institutes like MAAC also has it’s centre in Trivandrum. Thus, this city has a lot of options when it comes to a vocation like animation for those who wish to pursue a career in the same.

Animation Courses in Agra


Agra is a city located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Given the rich history and cultural heritage of the city, it is no surprise that when it comes to education and professional courses, Aga has a growing clientele of students who are flocking here to pursue various professional careers.

Agra is a historical city known for the world famous Taj Mahal, other historic monuments, the various gharanas of classical music and dance which are cultured and nurtured here through the ages. However, with the advent of modern times, the this city has grown to offer much more than the old classical schools of thought and learning. With animation being a growing industry in India, this city too has it’s share of animation institutes which offer the modern day technologies and creativity that goes into the learning of animation.

Animation Courses in Agra Arena Animation is one such institute which has it’s presence in Agra besides numerous other cities in the country. A pioneer in animation and multimedia education, this institute has been offering animation and multimedia related courses to students and professionals and has the strongest base of alumni in the related industries. This institute has been the first to offer graduation degree courses in animation besides the diploma and certificate courses which are more common amongst other institutes; thus, recognition and credibility of it’s courses and relevance for the industry is high and is usually the most popular choice of those seeking a career in animation.

Frameboxx is another leading institute in India when it comes to animation courses. 3D animation, multimedia courses and those in visual effects are some of the popular courses which can be found here. This institute has centres in Agra besides other cities in the country and hence provide consistent level of training and exposure to all those who take up their courses.

Brainware is another institute in Agra which offers courses in animation. This is one of the IT training institutes which had originally started off with their programming and software related courses; with the growing popularity of multimedia and animation, they have included such courses in their bouquet of courses as well.

Pumpkin Academy of Digital Arts is another institute which has been started by a young Indian entrepreneur and offers courses in digital art related computer techniques and applications so that creative minds can be nurtured with animation technology knowledge and made ready for the industry.

There are several other institutes in the city which vie to offer competitive courses, each with their own unique advantages and specializations, to cater to the growing media industry.

2d Animation Software


What is 2D animation software? Well, it is where it all began, hand drawn sketches have been the beginning of all animation that came to be and these have always been two dimensional or 2D – having length and breadth so to speak.

During the initial years of animation, it was done by transferring hand drawn images from sketches to cel plates which were then photographed and run in a motion picture format. The rapid running sequence of hand sketched images created the illusion of movement from which animation was born.

Cel animation was the most popular method till the advent of computer generated graphics and animation. Cel animation was used to produce short animation films, commercials and remained the most popular method of making animation feature films.

After the advent of computer, hand drawn images started being transferred into the system whereby they were converted into images or cartoons. With the use of various software like Flash, these images were given visual effects and movements. The world of 2D animation thus continued into the computer realm during the initial years.

2d Animation Software 2D animation software is numerous; the first free program was Pencil. By using this software, hand sketched images can be made animated and cartoons or short animation films using the hand sketched images can be produced.

Amongst the latest 2D animation software available, the Toon Boom Studio is amongst the most popular till date. It has numerous animation techniques available and it’s intuitive user interface allows you to start sketching and animating by yourself. The controls are easy to use and hence it is one of the best reviewed products in the market at the moment.

Claymation Studio features next in the top ten list of 2D animation software. This software allows you to master the techniques of stop motion animation. The Claymation is a great program whereby you can do more than stop motion animation and hence it’s a great 2D animation software to use.

Animation Workshop is 2D animation software which is not to learn animation but to create commercial advertisements with the huge library of objects and images which are already available with the software. You can create a commercial within a short time with the applications and items already inbuilt in the system.

Thus, 2D animation software has advanced greatly from the time computer animation has started. Though the current craze is 3D animation, however, for most practical purposes and for most media devices, 2D animation still remains the most compatible version of animation.

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Animation Institute, Colleges, Academy in Patna


Patna is the capital city of the state of Bihar. After Kolkata, it is the second important city in Eastern India. Patna is located along the banks of the Ganga and is an important commercial, political and industrial town in Bihar. In the ancient times, Patna was the seat of the Magadha empire and during such times, it emerged as a seat of learning and fine arts.

In modern times, there are various universities, institutions and colleges dedicated to various academic and professional streams in this city. Being an olden time city, it embraces the cultures of both the old and the new. Thus, side by side with traditional academic courses, modern vocations are also catered to by various private and government initiatives. Animation being a growing industry in the country, the related requirement for skilled manpower in the field of animation and multimedia is growing and to cater to that, smaller cities like Patna have animation institutes for catering to such professions in the city.

Animation Institute, Colleges, Academy in Patna Editworks School Of Mass Communication is one such institute in Patna which provides B.Sc Multimedia program which includes animation and multimedia technologies. The other courses in this institute are mass communication and journalism. Each of these courses are seeing a growing demand in the market and hence, are popular amongst students in this city.

Variad Design is an institute in Patna which provides comprehensive programs in related fields. It has two year full time programs on fashion technology and graphic design which are hugely popular amongst the aspiring professionals in these fields.

Artoonz Media in Patna caters to the animation and multimedia training industry. This institute has courses in basics of animation and higher diploma in animation and cartooning. This academy was started by a team of professionals from the field of multimedia, animation and cartoons. The courses aim to provide live projects and industry support to the students.

Arena Animation is another institute which pioneers in providing animation and multimedia education in this part of the country. One of the pioneering institutes in this field, Arena has produced more than two lakhs of professionals in the animation industry. From graduate level courses to short term certificate courses, animation and multimedia programs are highly sought for of this institute.

Thus, Patna, being a smaller city compared to other metropolitan capitals of other states, it still has a number of institutes dedicated to providing animation education in the city.

Animation Courses in Bangalore


Bangalore is the capital city of the southern state of Karnataka and one of the bustling metropolises of the country. It is a global city due to the booming software industry and other heavy and light engineering industries which may be found in and around the city. This city has it’s share of global expatriates and hence, has several international companies and educational institutes within it’s surrounding areas.

Given the infrastructure and exposure of the city, it is host to numerous academic and professional courses for students from all over the country. Animation, gaming and film making being one of the fast growing industries in the country, many institutes of international repute may be found here which offer ample opportunities to students in terms of live projects, industry expert faculty and the like.

WLC college, an offshoot of Wigen and Leigh UK University, is a chain of institutes in India which offer courses in various design arts. The WLC college in Bangalore offers undergraduate courses in advertising and graphic design. This is a 3 yr full time course besides which they also offer undergraduate level courses in media and post graduate courses in visual communication.

Animation Courses in Bangalore Picasso Centennial Animation & Gaming College is a college in Bangalore which provides graduation and post graduation degree courses in animation related fields. Integrated bachelor degree course in Multimedia, Animation & VFX, masters degree in multimedia and animation as well as film making courses may be found here.

Arena Animation is one of the pioneering chain of animation education institutes in the country. Part of Aptech training services provider, this institute was the first to offer graduate degree level courses in animation and multimedia.

Animaster Corporate is another animation institute in Bangalore known for their graduate and post graduate courses in visual media. Wifi campus, incampus hostel, placement assistance are some of the facilities which these campuses offer national and international students.

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics is the education wing of Maya Entertainment, one of the leading animation studios in the country,. This institute has a popular graduate level course in visual effects and 3D animation which may be found in their Bangalore campus as well.

Besides these, there are numerous other animation institutes in this city. Each has it’s specialized courses and advantages and one can pick and choose from a wide variety of courses as per one’s need and aspirations.

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